Exploration of “Brotherhood” – Part 1

Wikipedia describes a brotherhood as a fraternity, a male social organization.

But what does the word brotherhood mean in relation to the motorcycling world and why does it stir such emotion in some?

I’ve asked friends, both riders and non-riders, and have found the diversity in responses interesting!

Some of the more “hard-core” (a term that I’ll explore in a later blog) suggest that entrance into the brotherhood must be earned through some mysterious right of passage. Some even go so far to say that the brand of motorcycle you attempt to ride into this elite syndicate on is predetermined.

Others tend to postulate a more relaxed and considerably less militant synopsis; stating simply that, if you’re on a motorcycle of any style or brand, you’re in! Nothing to be earned here. This school of thought suggests that the brotherhood can be acquired.

As I continue to seek answers, please feel encouraged to comment and shares, as I welcome all points of view. I hope to have uncovered compelling arguments for the many differences of opinion in coming blogs.

Until then, keep riding…

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