Exploration of “Brotherhood” – Part 2

In part one of my Exploration of Brotherhood I referenced a contingency of the riding populace that brazenly states that the title of brother is held exclusively for Harley-Davidson riders whose lifestyle choices have earned them the title only after several years. They take great pride in the apparent eliteness of their group, professing proudly their superiority over all others.

But what is involved in this lifestyle that offers opportunity for such open and aggressive pompousness?

With the meteoric rise in popularity of Sons of Anarchy it would be easy to point to a simple and typical fashion statement. Indeed those that seem to speak out the loudest on the subject seem to all be dressed and patched up as the characters of a tv show! And certainly there are those that profess taking part in the activities glorified on such shows (relax, I’m an S.O.A. fan too) is what it takes. But excluding the actual 1%’s of the world this group contends that it’s much more than the leather on their backs and the beards on their chins.

One idea that did resonate with me is that it’s generational. Because my dad was a rider since long before me I have to admit that the passion I have for motorcycling of any type being passed down to me from him sounds like a romantic theory and seems to coincide with my own personal philosophic perspective on the sport. But that appears to be as close to a specific answer to my original question as I can get. Even within the elitist of Brotherhoods there lacks a clear consensus.

As always I’ll continue to seek answers and as always I hope you’ll continue to feel encouraged and compelled to comment, share and submit your thoughts, questions and concerns.

Until then, keep riding…

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