Exploration of “Brotherhood” – Part 3

No exploration of Brotherhood could be complete without addressing the casual rider. Those suggesting there is no such thing as a right of passage. Nor does it matter what brand, color or style of motorcycle you ride. It doesn’t even seem to require a tattoo?! The position of this group seems to be that anyone can walk in to any dealership and buy any motorcycle any day. That’s about all it takes. These are the Weekend Warriors, the folks we see stopped on the side of the road taking selfies and pictures of their bikes with their cell phones. The other unusual characteristic of these riders is that they’re always smiling and waving at other riders. No mean tough guy faces here.

But what makes someone think they can just call themselves a brother when clearly they do not revolve their lifestyle around a motorcycle? The answer it seems is simple; when that Weekend Warrior is riding his or her motorcycle down the road all we can see is another biker. You can’t tell anything else about them! No idea what he does for a living, where he’s from or how he got there. And really what difference does it make!? Just the fact that he or she ‘gets it’ and is riding is enough. In fact, if you’re broken down on the side of the road and one of these ‘wanna be’s’ pulls over with an offer for cell phone usage or that tool kit that you’re too cool to carry I’m willing to bet you smile and take advantage of the offer. Don’t worry, you won’t have to tell anyone.

But that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it? Those of us that ride have made a conscious decision to be a little different from the norm and have chosen to express that uniqueness through motorcycles. The differing brands, styles, colors, models and modifications only further enhance that individuality. Surely there’s room all of us on the Road? After all, at the end of the day it’s not what you ride, but that you ride.

As always I hope you`ll continue to feel encouraged and even compelled to comment and share your thoughts, suggestions, questions and concerns.

Until then, keep riding…

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