Man Down

In my career as a professional motorcycle sales representative as well as my 25+ years riding motorcycles I’ve learned that there are only two kinds of riders: those that have gone down and those that are going to! Now I’m not suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before each of us goes through a crash worthy of a Hollywood movie. It could be as simple as losing your footing at a dusty or greasy intersection. With any luck we all go through life hurting nothing more than our egos. But the unfortunate group that does end up doing damage & getting hurt, sometime severely and permanently, is who I want to focus on and ask; What makes you get back on the bike? Aren’t you scared something will happen again? Something worse?

You don’t have to have been doing this for as long as I have to have heard stories of, know of someone or sadly to have lost someone to a motorcycle crash. Just this past summer two people close to me crashed out badly. One spent several weeks in the hospital with multiple injuries but ultimately came back 100%. He fixed up the damaged bike and even bought another one! My other friend tragically wasn’t so lucky. We lost an amazing young beautiful lady that day. And I miss her.

So why continue to risk life & limb to ride a motorcycle when there are arguably safer ways to get from one point to the other? Personally I don’t consciously think about the downs that I’ve suffered through. Nor do I think about people I know that have gone down. In fact quite the opposite!  I put my riding gear & helmet on and get behind the handlebars and the last thing thing I’m thinking about are the risks associated with riding a motorcycle. When I’m going down the road I’m enjoying sensory overload! The coolest thing you’ll ever do is ride a motorcycle I often say! Seeing, smelling hearing and feeling infinitely more than anyone in a car. I even get the luxury of tasting the Great Outdoors every time I roll through a swarm of bugs. The biker’s lunch!

And it’s that sensory explosion every single time I twist the throttle that gets me on that bike despite the risks. Some of the greatest experiences of my life have been on a bike and I consider myself tremendously fortunate that in my career I get to help people find the right bike for their own experiences! So as the song goes “get on your bike and ride”!! And as always please feel encouraged to share those experiences, your thoughts, questions and photos. Until then, keep riding…


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