Puppy Love

As some of you may already know I recently had to say goodbye to my dog, Turbo. He was my best friend for almost half of my life and I miss him terribly. He & I spent a ton of time outside hiking, camping and exploring every mountain we could get onto. One thing I never even considered sharing with him though was my passion for riding motorcycles.

I’ve seen countless bikes on the road and noticed a wagging tail and that unmistakable smile that only a happy pup can make. And I admit it makes me smile and even a little envious! The idea of rolling up to a camping spot after a long day on the road and having my dog with me is pretty awesome! But for me at least, the reward was just never worth the risk.

I won’t get onto my motorcycle without full riding gear. I’ve commented in previous blogs that because of quality, well fitting riding gear I still get to walk & talk straight. Why then would I subject my dog to a potential crash with absolutely no riding protection?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning anyone that may take their pup for a motorcycle ride.To each their own! For me though there are simply too many distractions, risks & opportunities for something very bad to happen.

So tell me what you think; do you ride with your dog? Would you sit him up on the tank in front of you or get a small kennel that bolts to the back of the bike? I look forward to your comments.


Until next time, keep riding…


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