Sex Sells

Sex sells! You know it, I know it and the marketers around the world trying to sell you things know it. You can’t pick up a motorcycle magazine without several photographs of bikini clad women air-brushed to perfection straddling some bike builders latest creation. But here’s the question: with the population of lady riders increasing every year is the motorcycle industry’s go-to marketing campaign going to evolve to address this new population diversity?

You only need to take a stroll through your local motorcycle dealership to find clothing & riding gear colored, cut and fit specifically for female riders and their unique, ahem… curves. Further to that you’ll find ladies working in the dealership in very non-stereotypical positions. And while I still contend that there is no such thing as a girl’s bike (it either fits you & your needs or it doesn’t) you don’t have to look too deep into the showroom to find a bike colored to a specific palette.

For sure the addition of lady riders is something I support fully! Just this past summer my lady went from passenger to rider and my favorite memory from 2015 was riding behind her proudly admiring her every growing confidence! Part of that confidence comes from knowing she’s wrapped in quality, properly fitted riding gear and riding a properly fitted motorcycle; certainly not from seeing a magazine with some girl in desperate need of a beer & a burger posing on a $100,000 custom.

Until next time, keep riding…


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