Tattoos & Motorcycles

Motorcycles and tattoos go together like peanut butter & jelly. Not unexpectedly both are equally diverse and highly personal extensions of the people that own them. But which comes first? Do people get a tattoo in the hopes of completing an image associated with the motorcycle they just purchased? Or do the freshly inked race to the dealership in search of the bike that perfectly matches the new artwork?

In my career I’ve had countless customers come back to the shop several weeks after their motorcycle purchase to show me their fresh tattoo. It always makes me so happy that first of all my customers think enough of me to share their excitement and secondly that the motorcycle was just the beginning!

Another scenario I’ve run into on the showroom is someone showing me their new tattoo and sharing a very personal story that they see as including a motorcycle. I’m always humbled and honored to become a positive & contributing member to a person’s journey.

Really there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Personally I had my first motorcycle before my first tattoo. I’ve owned several bikes in my life and my “collection” of tattoos is ever expanding (sorry mom). All of my tattoos are personal in that they tell a story but ironically none of my ink has anything to do with motorcycles. And they can all be covered with a t-shirt (for mom).

Until next time, keep riding…


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